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Macmillan Education Australia is one of the leading educational publishers in Australia for both Primary and Secondary resources, and has been voted the Primary Publisher of the Year at the Educational Publishing Awards for the past eight years in a row.

Dedicated to creating innovative, exciting and reliable educational resources for both teachers and students, Macmillan collaborates with educators, authors and curriculum specialists to develop content of the highest quality in both print and digital formats.

Macmillan Education Australia is part of one of the world’s largest and best known international publishing houses, which also operates in trade and academic publishing.

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More original playscripts from Macmillan

Sue Murray has written extensively for Macmillan. Her range includes the full versions of the scenes that appear in Big Dramas 2e:

The Formal

School Formals have become a modern rite of passage, marking the end of students’ school lives and the start of the rest of their lives. For many people, it has become much more than a night to celebrate this time with their school friends. The Formal can be a completion, a dream, a nightmare and much more. And for a writer, a Formal offers rich material to explore the comedy of everyday life.

If you enjoyed the scenes from The Formal, find out about the full-length play at www.macmillan.com.au/secondary.

Mirror, Mirror

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall …’ What is it like not to trust your own reflection? This large-cast full-length play explores the inner world of a girl with an eating disorder. The ringmaster welcomes audiences into a topsy-turvy smoke-and-mirrors world where circus acts, fairy tales, dancers and mesmerising music spin and twist a confronting, revealing story about a girl who once upon a time wished to be so thin she casts no shadow.

If you enjoyed the scenes from Mirror, Mirror, find out about the full-length play at www.macmillan.com.au/secondary.

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Have you seen our range of workbooks supporting literacy?

English Workbook

A course to challenge creative thinkers

The new editions of this much-loved workbook series by Anne Mitchell are closely aligned to the Australian Curriculum. Focusing on the Language, Literacy and Literature strands, the new editions support the curriculum outcomes and also contain links to both AusVELS and the NSW Board of Studies outcomes. For the first time, teacher editions are also available, providing curriculum links, answers and rubrics.

The developmental approach of the units and year levels allows you to fully prepare students for progression to senior English, introducing new skills and knowledge in each unit while reinforcing those introduced in previous years.

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National English Skills

Support delivery of the Australian Curriculum your way

This series of workbooks addresses the Australian Curriculum contents descriptions and cross-curriculum priorities, and fully covers the Language, Literature and Literacy strands using an appealing range of age-appropriate excerpts.

The full-colour design allows visual and multimodal texts to be analysed and the writers—Rex Sadler, Tom Hayllar and Viv Winter—place strong emphasis on persuasive writing in media texts as well as broader language skills.

This outstanding workbook is supported by a teacher book providing answers to all exercises.

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Complete English Basics

Back to basics

Reinforce the skills that underpin Australian Curriculum requirements with this popular back-to-basics workbook series. Highly structured thematic units provide context for the exercises, and a wide range of literary and non-literary texts act as a basis for comprehension tasks.

The workbooks are supported by teacher books, which include answers to the exercises.

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Senior English Skills

An innovative, student friendly approach to senior English

This exciting full-colour workbook by Rex Sadler and Viv Winter focuses on core skills and concepts through detailed analysis of a diverse selection of texts. It provides an ideal springboard for discussion and class work, and flexible units that support any Year 11 English program.

A teacher edition is also available, providing answers to activities.

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English Essentials

This handy reference guide assists in developing students’ ability to write clearly and effectively. Using accessible language, it helps students:

  • master sentences and use correct grammar
  • punctuate effectively
  • develop consistently good spelling
  • write creative compositions
  • write cogent essays
  • use drafting and proofreading to improve your work
  • understand the whole writing business.

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English Toolkit

This unique book targets the technical skills that underpin successful writing. Split into clear sections addressing grammar, spelling, punctuation and logic, each skill area features a typical error, correction and explanation, and offers plenty of exercises to help students develop their ability.

The book’s unique coding system identifies technical skills, and allows teachers to direct students to targeted help. Students can also use the coding system to work independently.

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