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PHOTOGRAPHS, Teenage girls, /Mira Bavutti Deganello, Silhouette wedding dress, /fotogiunta, Pinball, /Slava Gerj, Mirror, /Amy Johansson, Blurred people on subway platform, /maradonna 8888, Man on mobile phone, /NatykachNataliia, Playing cards, /R.M. Nunes, Sleeping beauty, /phatisakolpap, Image for scrambled eggs, /rujithai, Mango plum, /soliman design, 3D rendered illustration panic button, /sonsam, Wolf howling at the moon, /Africa Studio, Italian pizza,/tristan tan, Leaking water; iStockPhoto/Chris Mansfield, British 1916 sixpence.


Painting Portrait of Bungaree, a native of New South Wales, with Fort Macquarie, Sydney Harbour in the background © Bridgeman Art Library/National Library of Australia/Getty Images.

COVER, Stage with worn tile floor and curtains.

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